Monday, June 29, 2009

Web Application Security Consortium

It can be Web Application Security Consortium (WASC) is in search of contributed 'Guest Articles' by industry professionals on the latest in trends, techniques, defenses, best practices and lessons learned relevant to the field of web application security.

The value of web application security has very much increased in recent years due to the exponential increase in threats plaguing the application layer of the network. To properly protect systems from application-level attacks, the understanding of today's issues has never been more critical. It's imperative the industry work together by sharing first-hand experiences to combat the growing number of issues. Your contributed articles will assist in the advancement of the field of web application security and the education of the issues we all face.

Contributed articles may include industry best practices, technical information about current issues, innovative defense techniques, etc. NO VENDOR PITCHES OR MARKETING GIMMICKS PLEASE. We are only soliciting concrete information from the experts on the front lines of the web application security field.

Goals & Objectives provide a venue for the information security community to publish and obtain up-to-date web security content.

Our readers are very important to WASC. The readers come from a wide range of professional backgrounds and have a high expectation for quality educational material. As such, WASC contributed articles are not to be used as a venue for marketing purposes. Articles are assumed op-ed; they should be succinct, and direct while presenting details and solutions.

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Alford Williams said...

This blog is very helpful for all to understand secure web application development. Also you shared very nice tips of web application security best practices. Thanks for sharing